SHORT DESRITION The Tado radiator thermostat allows you to automate your heating system based on your location. The system works on phone Geolocation, so if you are not at home it will switch off your heating to conserve energy and save you money. Tado heating also allows you to control your heating from a smart phone or tablet, and combined with a voice assistant you are able to control your heating by voice.

The radiator thermostats is an add on device to the Tado smart thermostat or Tado smart radiator thermostat starter kit.

This device will enable you to extend your control to additional radiators.

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This package includes

  • Smart Radiator Thermostat
  • 2 AA batteries
  • 3 adapters

Simple heating automation

Tado smart radiator thermostats can control your heating via the location of your phone, meaning it can optimise your heating so your home is only being heated when necessary. You can ensure that when you leave home the heating switches down or off completely, and when you are travelling back to your home the heating starts to warm your home before you arrive.

Tado radiator thermostat installed
Tado thermostat control from anywhere

Control multiple rooms from anywhere

Great for communal living, the Tado radiator valves each contain a thermostat, ensuring that the room is set to the requested temperature. Tado heating can be controlled directly from your phone, allowing you to change the temperature of any room in your house, from anywhere even if you are not at home you are able to connect to your radiator thermostats remotely and adjust the temperature. You can connect the app to multiple phones, so any member of the household is able to control the temperature in the home.

Compatible with a huge range of heating systems

Tado radiator thermostats work with all standard radiators with thermostatic radiator valves. Simply replace your existing valve with your Tado valve.

If you are unsure of compatibility with your existing radiator valves, please contact us.

Tado radiator thermostat install
Tado works with smart home

Combine with your smart home

Tado heating works with a wide range of smart home technology. You can voice control your heating with Amazon Alexa, Google assistant or Siri. Or for more advanced users, use this with IFTTT or a central smart home hub, to allow your Tado away settings to work with lights or alarms or even set heating with smart home routines.

Monitor your savings

Saving you up to 30% on your monthly energy bills, Tado smart heating system not only saves you money, but can provide you with monthly reports on how much you have saved.

Tado thermostat savings report


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