Comfort Utlities Limited

What we do

Having been both residential and commercial energy customer ourselves, we have experienced 1st hand the difficulty of getting the best prices from suppliers and then the pain of switching from one supplier to the other. Let us assure you that you can forget all that now as we work for you and only you – not the suppliers and distributors. We’ll save you the most amount of money and provide you with a comfortable switching process whilst acting as your account manager for both gas and electricity supplies but without charging you a penny for the service

You will get an expert, customized and professional service that will save you money in 3 easy steps:


We will analyse your current bills


We will provide you with a price comparison explaining all the facts and figures.


You decide and start saving from day one.

We will only recommend the supplier to you for the best overall prices NOT based on the commission we will receive from a particular supplier.

This is our commitment to you.